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This is a series with 5 interviews on the Danish Enneagrammet Next Level podcast with Flemming Christensen.

Russ Hudson is one of the World´s leading Experts of the Enneagram.

The Danish teacher of the Enneagram Flemming Christensen is interviewing Russ Hudson in a series of 5.


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Virtual Workshop with Russ Hudson


Russ Hudson: Why are We searching for Meaning? 1:1

This first interview with Russ Hudson in Enneagrammet Next Level podcast is about why We are seeking Meaning as human beings.

And what are We longing for?


Russ Hudson: What is Personal Development? 2:5

What is Personal Development, and what is developed.

What nourishes our Soul and Heart?

Listen to the second interview with the Enneagram Expert Russ Hudson.


What is Essense? 3:5

Russ Hudson is a guest in this podcast about the Enneagram and personal development.

This interview is about Essence.


Live Life – Be more Awake! 4:5

Russ Hudson talks about the connection between body and heart in order to live more awakened and open.

And appreciate what is.


What is the Future of the Enneagram? 5:5

This is the last interview with the American Enneagram Expert Russ Hudson by Flemming Christensen.

What does the writer of The Wisdom of the Enneagram think about the future of the Enneagram?


Virtual workshop with Russ Hudson by Flemming Christensen Look here

If you want to go futher and practise in your every day life, then attend these workshops.

We will explore:

✔ What lineage of wisdom can be found in the teaching of the Enneagram, and how can I engage in part of that lineage?

✔ How can I understand elements like consciousness, presence, mind, meaning etc. by understanding and working with the Enneagram?

✔ How can I deepen my personal work using the Enneagram as a whole and not just focusing on my type, wing, arrows etc.

✔ When teaching others about the Enneagram or using the Enneagram in coaching, how can I transmit presence and the deeper wisdom of the Enneagram?

✔ What are the qualities of a resourceful human being that the Enneagram is pointing us all to?

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