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THINK ABOUT IT is a Danish company working with the Enneagram. We are a training- and consultant company with the focus on personal development, team- and leadership training. Our main focus is turning insights into skills, and we help people and companies to create better and stronger relations, as well as being present and gaining insights into them selves and other.

Although we are a Danish based company, we have lots of international activities going on, primarily driven by Flemming Christensen, the founder and owner of THINK ABOUT IT. We also have several activities throughout the year together with Russ Hudson.

For over 20 years, Flemming has integrated different disciplines like psychology, leadership, teamwork, and communication with life purpose, personal growth, life-quality, and the meaningful life. He has authored 17 books, with nine oriented to integrating the Enneagram into practical use. He has been a speaker at IEA Conferences since 2004, presenting on leadership, teamwork, presence and mindfulness, and, more recently, the integration of integral theory with the Enneagram. Flemming is also co-founder of IEA Denmark and an active member of the board for many years.

Flemming founded the Enneagram Institute of Denmark in 2002 after being certified by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson – founders of the Enneagram Institute. He is responsible for training more than 50,000 students over the last decade and in the times of covid-19 he has been training more than 2.600 students online including 1.000 high school students learning about teamwork, personal skills, feedback and building upon your passion in life.

Flemming is the creator of several Enneagram applications and a 28-day training program that supports Enneagram enthusiasts in their daily use of the Enneagram. Since 1996, one of his biggest contributions to the Enneagram community is the extensive use of the Enneagram in leadership-training and team-development in business and public sector organizations.

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We are of course accredited by IEA, both our Enneagram School, our Enneagram training program and our teachers.

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