Ny bog på gaden om typernes indbyrdes relationer. Den skal du læse, hvis du arbejder praktisk med Enneagrammet og ønsker indsigt i typernes indbyrdes relationer.

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Fra bogen forord:

“Indeed, rather than go into the specific mechanics of this potentially challenging psychological topic, Flemming explains in clear language the dynamics between each possible combination of Enneagram types. He looks at romantic relationships of course, but also describes other kinds of important relationship—all of which are subject to the same interactions of object relations patterns. Wisely, he does not tell us which combinations are “good” or “bad.” He focuses on the likely issues and possibilities that can arise in any given relationship. In doing so, he has created a clear and concise manual for navigating the challenges of interpersonal dynamics. I suspect that once you have grasped the ideas he is presenting here, you will return to this book many times for guidance in your dealings with other human beings. So take your time, and explore the rich world of relationship with the powerful lens of the Enneagram.

Russ Hudson, December 9, 2018″